Canadian Association of Pathologist (CAP) Invited Speaker for Virtual Education Series Lecture " Practical approaches to the diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma" Feb, 07, 2024

Professor Dr. Mansoor was honored with an invitation by the Canadian Association of Pathologists to deliver a lecture titled “Practical Approaches to the Diagnosis of T-Cell Lymphoma” as a part of their esteemed Virtual Education Series (VES). This one-hour educational session, complemented by a dynamic question-and-answer segment, garnered the participation of 31 specialists from across Canada. Dr. Mansoor’s lecture elucidated simplified diagnostic algorithms, enhancing the practical application of these methods in routine clinical
settings for the diagnosis of complex hematological malignancies such as T-cell lymphoma. The audience comprised pathology trainees, general pathologists, anatomic pathologists, and hematopathologists. For the benefit of ongoing learning and professional development, this lecture has been duly archived in the Canadian Association of Pathologists’ repository, ensuring its accessibility for educational pursuits to all interested learners at any subsequent time. This
lecture is available online (

By the conclusion of this lecture, participants were able to:

  • Correlate the ontogeny, distribution, and various subtypes of T-lymphocytes with the corresponding categories of T-cell lymphoma commonly encountered in clinical practice.
  • Examine the range of ancillary methods utilized in the precise diagnosis and
    subclassification of T-cell lymphoma, highlighting the strengths and applications of each technique.
  • Recognize and critically appraise the common diagnostic challenges and pitfalls in interpreting T-cell lymphoma cases.
  • Construct a structured diagnostic algorithm tailored for the methodical assessment of T-cell lymphoma, streamlining the decision-making process in clinical diagnostics.

This lecture was rated very high (5/5) by the participants; complete post lecture survey results are available at  CLICK HERE