Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (2022)

…for giving more than 25 years of amazing work to help the community and society, Professor Mansoor has been honored with a special award, the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal, from the Government of Alberta. This award was presented to him in 2022 by the Minister for Immigration, the Honorable Mr. Muhammad Yaseen.

Leading the Future of Medicine with the Royal College of Phys. & Surg. Canada

Dr. Mansoor was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Royal College of
Physicians & Surgeons of Canada for his outstanding dedication to high-quality training
and evaluation in the field of Pathology. He served as the Chair of the Examination committee (2012-2022), demonstrating over a decade of commitment to excellence in postgraduate education, training and evaluation.

Lifetime achievement award” by APPNA- Alberta chapter (2023)

Professor Adnan Mansoor’s remarkable academic achievements spanning 40 years in medical education, clinical service and Cancer research were recently recognized, as he received the “Lifetime Achievement Award ” from Association of Pakistani Physicians in North America (APPNA) – Alberta Chapter at their 2023 annual conference in Calgary Alberta Canada..

Gold Star Teaching Award – Undergraduate Medical Education (2024)

The Class of 2025 recognizes Professor Mansoor for outstanding teaching and positive contributions to class culture and well-being. This recognition is specifically for his teaching in the Blood Course and Application of Laboratory Medicine to Clinical Management (Course-1). The award is issued by the Undergraduate Medical Education department at the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, and is affiliated with the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine.

Burki Gold Medal (1991) - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan

The ‘Burki Gold Medal’ is presented annually by the College of Physicians and
Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) to the graduating student with the most outstanding
academic performance in the final FCPS examination. CPSP maintains rigorous academic criteria for this award. Dr. Adnan Mansoor was honored with this medal in 1992, breaking a 25-year drought, in recognition of his exceptional performance in the final FCPS examination.

Iftikhar A. Malik Gold Medal (1991) - College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan

The "Iftikhar A. Malik Gold Medal in Histopathology" is awarded each year by the
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan (CPSP) to the graduating student who achieves the highest academic performance in the final FCPS examination in Pathology. CPSP upholds strict academic standards for this prestigious award. Dr. Adnan Mansoor received this medal in 1992 for his exceptional performance in the final FCPS examination, recognizing his outstanding achievement.

Frank A. Miller Memorial Teaching Award- George Washington University (2000)

The Frank Miller Memorial Award is named after Dr. Frank Miller, a highly esteemed former faculty member of the Department of Pathology at GW University. This award recognizes excellence in teaching among the residents or fellows in Pathology. The recipient is chosen by the Pathology Chair, in consultation with the Director ofUndergraduate Pathology Education, Residency Program Director, and other faculty members.

Gold Medal - AFIP Outstanding Academic Performance (1990)

Dr. Adnan Mansoor, received yet another gold medal, affirming his status as an exemplary ‘specialist in training’ in histopathology for the fellowship with the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. Moreover, the
medal serves as an acknowledgment of his unwavering commitment to the collation and dissemination of cancer data from Northern Pakistan—a substantial contribution to the medical field. This accolade was conferred upon him at the AFIP’s annual day celebration in 1990.

Community Advocate award (2016-2017) - MOSAIC- Inc Calgary Alberta

MOSAIC is a volunteer non-profit group in Southern Alberta that offers programs for youth within Calgary to develop communication and leadership skills. This organization collaborates with other local non-profits and charities. Dr. Mansoor has been honored for his significant volunteer contributions to Southern Alberta communities.

Appreciation Award - Pakistan Canada Association (PCA) Calgary

Pakistan Canada Association (PCA) Calgary serves the Pakistani Canadian community in Calgary, which numbers over twenty thousand.
PCA is well-known for its cultural and volunteer activities. Dr. Mansoor received an award for his exceptional community service, notably for his
work with the Northwest Islamic School over the last 22 years.