In addition to his professional accomplishments, Professor Adnan Mansoor is an avid community worker
who has dedicated himself to serving the local Muslim community in various leadership
roles over the last quarter of a century. His unwavering commitment to community engagement
and service has earned him numerous recognition awards from various community organizations.

Among his many accolades, Prof. Mansoor was honored with the prestigious Queen Elizabeth
Platinum Jubilee Award from the Government of Alberta. This prestigious award acknowledges
his exceptional community service and engagement spanning over 25 years.

Through his community work, Prof. Mansoor has fostered a spirit of unity, cooperation, and
understanding among community members from diverse backgrounds. He has played a pivotal
role in
organizing events, promoting interfaith dialogue, and supporting various charitable
His leadership has helped to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

As an academic, researcher, and community leader, Professor Adnan Mansoor’s achievements
extend far beyond the boundaries of the University of Calgary. His dedication to research,
teaching, patient care, and community service has had a lasting impact on the lives of countless
individuals, both within the local Muslim community and beyond.