Lifetime achievement award presented by “APPNA - Alberta chapter"

Professor Adnan Mansoor’s remarkable academic achievements spanning 40 years were recently recognized, as he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from APPNA – Alberta Chapter at their 2023 annual conference.


APPNA, the Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent in North America, has been an esteemed institution since its establishment in 1976. It proudly represents over 15,000 physicians of Pakistani descent who diligently serve in the United States and Canada. APPNA stands as the largest medical organization of expatriate Pakistanis, reflecting its influential presence in the medical community. One of APPNA’s key missions is to recognize and honor physicians who exemplify unwavering commitment to excellence in the field of medicine. This award bestowed upon Professor Mansoor by the Alberta chapter signifies his outstanding dedication and contributions to academic excellence.


APPNA is a prominent association, particularly renowned for its significant presence among Pakistani physicians practicing in North America, with a strong foothold in the United States. Beyond recognition, APPNA provides a valuable platform for networking, professional growth, and active community engagement for physicians of Pakistani descent. This accolade from APPNA – Alberta Chapter represents a significant milestone in Professor Mansoor’s academic journey, a testament to his exceptional achievements in the field of medicine.”